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You did a great job. I would recommend you to everyone. Thanks hun! - Amy Demarco

Ashleigh I have always said you are an extrememly talented, artistic and beautiful girl. Your photographs are amazing :) - Ann Leary Bissonnette

Oh my goodness Ashleigh!!! How are we going to pick?!? You did a fantastic job!!! - Sandra Donovan

Great job Ashleigh!!!! - Cindy Galavotti

Another great job :) - Cindy Galavotti

She did a fantastic job!! :) - Olivia Hunter Smith

love your work, keep it up! - Rhianna Jenkins

my niece is so adorable! you did such a great job!! :) - Meagan Andrea

Ashleigh, you are truly an amazing Photographer(and person, of course!) - Ann Leary Bissonnette

Awesome photos Ashleigh!! - Sean Healey

These are AWESOME Ash!!! I love the red shoes...I want em! - Jeanne Pearce

They came out great, as always!! - Erin Pedraza

Beautiful job Ashleigh! - Janet Almeida

Love this! - Christina Almeida

This is INCREDIBLE work Ashleigh! Your mom would be so proud :) - Thomas Gagnon

Thank you so much Ashleigh! As always you did an amazing job!! Love your sense of humor as you worked with us - Sandra Donovan

Oh No! how do we decide which ones to pick YOU are amazing Ashleigh! - Donna Renauld Magan

Ashleigh I am Delighted at how Great all the Photos came out You did a Wonderful job I am Very Very Happy Thank You Soo Much! - Maggie Morasca

Those are awesome! Wish I had so many options to choose from back in the day! YOU ROCK! - Pamaler Slattery

Thanks so much! They came out amazing! - Giovanni Morasca

One of my favorites! Ashleigh did such an amazinggg job! - Carolynn Cruz