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Senior Portrait Pricing

High School Senior Portraits

*$20 Booking fee
*All packages come with a proofbook to view all photos from the shoot
*All packages come with retouching to your photos
*Full payment of package price and booking fee due the day of session.

Summary of what to wear/do for session:
Click here for examples of outfits that females should think about for their senior portraits. I update that link fairly well that it has plenty of examples for clothing ideas. Props are always a plus, there's always some way we can use them to make your portraits even more interesting, (hobbies, technical shop equipment, vehicles, sports gear, etc.) For the ladies, your daily makeup might be pretty minimal, for photos you don't want to be super caked up with your make up but you want it too be a little heavier for the session as your daily make up probably wouldn't photograph the same.

Some advice for senior portraits:
Don't color/ highlight your hair the day before the session. Something terrible could go wrong when doing it for whatever freak reason and you will regret trying to fix it the day before your photos. Don't cut your hair the day before your session. Do haircuts at least a week or so in advance your your appointment, your hair will settle by then and if something when wrong during your haircut then theres a week to adjust to figure out how to style your hair. Don't start using a new acne care product, makeup, or such thing before your session as you could have a bad reaction to it and make things worse.

Package 1

  • (1) 8x10
  • (2) 5x7
  • (4) 4x6
  • 16 Wallet prints Total = $167

Package 2

  • (2) 8x10
  • (4) 5x7
  • (8) 4x6
  • 24 Wallet prints Total = $204

Package 3

  • (1) 11x14
  • (3) 8x10
  • (6) 5x7
  • (10) 4x6
  • 32 Wallet prints
  • CD with photos Total = $264

Package 4

  • (1) 16x20
  • (1) 11x14
  • (4) 8x10
  • (8) 5x7
  • (10) 4x6
  • 48 Wallet prints
  • CD with photos Total = $354

Package 5

  • 16x20 Standout print
  • (1) 16x20
  • (1) 11x14
  • (4) 8x10
  • (10) 5x7
  • (10) 4x6
  • 64 Wallet prints
  • CD with photos Total = $468